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No Guarantor Loans

You can get a loan ranging from £300 to £1,500 when you need quick access to cash without having to ask anyone to vouch for you as a guarantor.

Representative example: Borrow £700 for 6 months. 6 monthly repayments of £199.85. Total repayment £1199.00. Interest rate p.a. (fixed) 185.39%. Representative APR 611.74% Our APR includes all applicable fees. Daily interest is capped at 0.798%

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, please go to

Loans Without a Guarantor

Some lenders require at least one guarantor before lending you money. We feel this is unfair.

If you need a loan but lack a guarantor or prefer not to depend on another person, we have a solution for you – our no guarantor loans.

You can borrow between £300 and £1,500 at a daily interest rate of 0.507%, which is 185.39% per annum without needing someone to provide a guarantee.

No Guarantor Loan Details

Loan Amounts:

£300 – £1,500

Daily Interest Rate:


Interest Per Annum:


Repayment Terms:

3 – 9 months

Funding Time:




How to Apply for a No Guarantor Loan

Follow these three steps:

Fill up the Loan Form

You will not be asked to provide a co-signer or a guarantor when you fill out the loan application.

Get A Decision in Seconds

You will receive an instant decision after completing the application.

Quick Payout

If approved, the money will be released to you rapidly and usually deposited in your bank account within one hour of applying. 

Pros and Cons of Getting a Loan That Does Not Require a Co-signer

Before you commit, weigh the pros and cons of a loan that does not require a guarantor to confirm if this is the right type of loan for you based on your current financial circumstances.


  • You won’t need to rely on a specific person to secure the financing you require.
  • Avoiding the need for a guarantor helps you maintain healthy personal relationships.
  • You won’t have to share your financial situation with family or friends
  • Loans without a guarantor are typically processed more swiftly.


  • These loans often come with higher interest rates.
  • A stable income and a solid credit history may be necessary for eligibility.
  • Lenders may impose lower borrowing limits for these types of loans.
  • Defaulting on a loan without a guarantor leaves you without financial help to payback the debt.

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Cost of Borrowing £600 Example

Here’s a breakdown of the full cost of getting a no guarantor loan of £600 from us. The table includes your repayment period, interest rate, repayment structure, interest paid, total repayment, and representative APR.

For more cost breakdowns on different loan amounts, check our list of loan cost examples.

Loan Amount£600
Loan Period3 Months
Interest Rate P.A. (fixed)185.39%
3 Monthly Repayments£282.20
Total Interest Paid£246.70
Total Repayment£846.70
Representative APR611.74%
Representative Example

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-guarantor loan?

A non-guarantor loan means you take sole responsibility for borrowing and repaying money. No need for a guarantor; it’s just between you and our company.

Can I get a loan without a guarantor if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can secure a loan without a guarantor even with bad credit, though it can be challenging. We specialize in bad credit loans that don’t require a third-party guarantee.

Is a loan without a guarantor similar to a payday loan?

While a payday loan doesn’t need a guarantor, it’s not the only option. Various short-term unsecured loans allow you to borrow without a guarantee.

How much money can I borrow without needing someone to vouch for me?

You can borrow up to £1,500 from us without a guarantor, depending on our affordability and creditworthiness checks.

Are our loans unsecured?

Our loans are typically unsecured, meaning they don’t require collateral like a house or car. Lenders rely on your creditworthiness. These loans often have higher interest rates due to increased risk.

Does it cost more to get a loan without a guarantor?

Yes, loans without a guarantor usually have higher costs. They come with higher interest rates and less favorable terms because lenders view them as riskier, especially for those with poor credit. The higher interest compensates for the added risk of no guarantor.

Can I pay off my loan without a guarantor ahead of schedule?

Yes, you can repay our loans early. Most loans allow early repayment, and there are no early repayment fees or penalties.

If my guarantor-free loan is approved, when will I receive the money?

Once approved, you typically receive the money within minutes, with same-day funding guaranteed.

What kinds of guarantor-free loans are available?

Our loan offerings include a ‘No Guarantor Loan,’ ‘Bad Credit Loans,’ ‘Payday Loans,’ and ‘Installment Loans,’ each designed for specific financial needs without requiring a guarantor.

What purposes can I use the loans for?

You can use our loans for anything you want, including debt consolidation, home improvements, medical bills, car repairs, education, travel, weddings, or emergencies, as long as you can manage repayment.

How can I increase my chances of getting a loan without a guarantor?

Boost your chances by showing stable, sufficient income, reducing your debt-to-income ratio, and requesting an affordable loan amount. Stable income reassures lenders, a lower debt-to-income ratio signifies financial health, and a realistic loan amount signals responsible borrowing.

Will I have to pay additional fees if I don’t have a guarantor?

Our fees are fixed for no guarantor loans and are the same rates as other loans we offer. No additional fees or interest charges.

Are the monthly payments for a loan without a guarantor loan manageable?

Make monthly payments more manageable by spreading them over 3-6 months, reducing your monthly repayment amount.

Is there a penalty for paying off my loan early?

No penalties for early repayment; you can reduce your interest by paying off the loan ahead of schedule.

Will my credit history be examined if I apply for a loan without a guarantor?

Yes, we conduct a credit check, starting with a soft check that doesn’t affect your credit score. A full credit check follows, but your approval is already secured at that point, with no negative impact on your credit score.

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