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About us

PaydayLoansOnline.co.uk is a brand of Western Circle LTD, the fintech company that has invented the UK’s leading technology for online underwriting. We created this brand with an exclusive focus on payday loans online. We are a direct lender, but you probably know that already. More importantly, the team is well-trained and ready to assist you with anything.

Our mission

We want to become the UK’s payday loans’ most friendly brand. Yes, despite what you may have heard about payday loans, we believe our product is fantastic, and in fact, we have already helped over 115,000 people in the UK where banks and others didn’t.

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Top 7 Uses of Our Loans

Our customers use our payday loans for lots of different urgent needs. Below is a breakdown of the top 7 common uses:

  • Medical and Recovery Costs: 16.2% of our customers used our loans to pay for health-related expenses.
  • Vehicle Repairs and Insurance: 15.7% of our customers used our loans to pay for car repairs and insurance.
  • Home Repairs and Insurance: 12.5% of our customers used to pay for urgent home repairs and insurance needs.
  • Education Costs: 15.3% are used to pay for tuition and school expenses.
  • Taxes and Bills: 14.2% are used to manage unexpected taxes and bills.
  • Personal Emergencies: 9.8% of our loans are used to pay for personal crisis situations.
  • Other Expenses: 16.3% of our loans are used for other general financial needs.

Based on customer usage, we’ve developed customized loans tailored to make getting a loan for these common financial emergencies even easier.

Top 5 Cities We Fund

We offer payday loans online nationwide all across the UK. The top 5 locations we fund are:

  • London: We’ve directly funded over £10 million in emergency funds to the UK’s capital.
  • Manchester: £9.5 million in no collateral loans to residents in the Northern Hub.
  • Birmingham: £8 million in unsecured loans to customers in the heart of England.
  • Liverpool: £6.5 million in paycheck loans to customers in the Merseyside Port.
  • Glasgow: £6 million in small loans to customers in the Scottish Metropolis.

Our goal is to help people all across the UK overcome urgent financial challenges, regardless of the town or village they are living in.

Our Loan Products

If you are looking for a specific type of payday loan online, we have a number of different loan products underwritten to meet your needs

Our Payday Loans are perfect when you need quick cash with easy-to-understand terms. If you prefer a longer repayment period, consider our installment Loans. Plus, our no guarantor loans eliminate the need for a guarantor, making the borrowing process much easier.

When you only need a small amount of cash quickly, our cash Loans are a good option. For urgent financial emergencies, our instant Loans can are way to get money fast. And if you only need to borrow very small amounts of money, our small Loans are a great choice.

Meet Our Data Protection Manager

Richard Sherlock is our Data Protection Manager. Richard is responsible for overseeing and ensuring your data is safe and handled by the utmost strict regulation.

Career opportunities

We are actively looking to expand our team. If you are really into customer service and want to join a brilliant company, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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