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My Jar Loans Alternative

Look No Further for a MyJar Loans Alternative
Are you searching for MyJar loans online? You may have noticed that MyJar has entered into administration and is winding down operations, with all new lending having ceased. However, PaydayLoansOnline can provide an appealing alternative to payday loan companies such as MyJar, and we hope we can gain your trust and demonstrate ourselves as reliable and ethical lenders. Apply now for an improved borrowing experience that can meet your needs following MyJar’s closure.

What Was My Jar Loans?

Founded in 2008, MyJar loans began lending to customers in 2009 and was part of Txt Holdings Limited since 2010. When operating, MyJar loans provided short term loans up to £2000 in the UK with flexible repayment options.

MyJar aimed to offer fairer lending options to customers with more affordable interest rates and repayment options, hoping to be a more favourable alternative to their competitors. On 22 December 2020, administrators were appointed to oversee the winding down of MyJar loans, and new lending ceased. If you were a customer of MyJar and are unsure of what to do about your outstanding debt with the company, contact StepChange who can offer independent advice. You can also still get in touch with MyJar to discuss any outstanding loan balance you may hold with them and how the account can be repaid.

PaydayLoansOnline Does Things Differently

If you’re searching for an alternative provider that offers payday loans like MyJar, then PaydayLoansOnline is the place for you. We’re a new lender to the market, meaning we’ve been built from the ground up to be completely compliant with Financial Conduct Authority regulations and guidelines while promoting ethical lending in the UK without having to change existing systems and processes to give our customers the fairness they deserve. We welcome bad credit, allow early repayments and our MyJar payday loan alternative can be used a maximum of twice per year, as we do not encourage customers to get into a cycle of debt.

Our other policies include no rollovers of loans, customers can only have one loan at a time, and we will not approve loans one after the other with no break. If a customer wishes to rearrange their payment plan or discuss other payment options, we are more than happy to discuss this and work with a customer to reach an agreement that works for both parties.

Please note that while we at PaydayLoansOnline aim to do things differently from our competitors, providing fairer loan conditions and flexible repayment schedules, our MyJar loans alternative is still a costly form of credit that should only be used in emergencies when cheaper alternatives are not an option.

Warning: Late repayment can cause money problems and result in legal action being taken against you!

How Quick Are PaydayLoansOnline Loans Compared to MyJar?
MyJar loans were known for offering quick processing times for online payday loans, with funds paid into customers bank accounts fast after an application was fully approved. Here at PaydayLoansOnline loans, we aim to provide customers with an equally fast and efficient process, with funds usually being paid out within an hour of being fully approved and all relevant checks being made. Here is how our payday loans like the MyJar process works:

  • Apply for your alternative to MyJar loans online at our PaydayLoansOnline website.
  • Instantly, after submitting your application, you’ll be given an automated lending decision which may be subject to additional checks should anything be wrong.
  • Once your application is approved, your MyJar loans alternative will be paid into your bank account, usually within an hour.
  • You can make repayments online at any time, and we place no restrictions on paying off your loan early.

How Does the MyJar Alternative Work?

Our alternative to MyJar loans at PaydayLoansOnline aims to help customers when they require urgent funds while being transparent and as fair and ethical as possible. Payday loans like MyJar and the alternatives we offer can be expensive forms of borrowing, and options such as overdrafts and credit cards are available that could be more suitable for your needs. While we welcome applicants with a bad credit history, focusing on your current ability to repay, we do not encourage those who have problems with debts to take out further credit and potentially worsen their financial situation.

Our easy to use affordability calculator can help you to check that our loan offering would be suitable for you and that you’d be able to keep up with repayments. Should your results show you’re able to afford repayments on a loan, then we can automatically fill out aspects of our MyJar loans alternative application form to speed the process up, with our short term loan online offering a temporary solution to any emergencies that may have appeared and our terms are fair and transparent to ensure you have a pleasant experience. We’re a direct lender with a high acceptance rate, so you know you’re not dealing with any middlemen and that we’ll take all applications seriously and try to approve them.

FAQs about My Jar Loans

1. Can new loans be taken out with MyJar?

No! Administrators were appointed to wind down MyJar’s operations on 22 December 2020, with contact being made with existing customers to discuss how their remaining accounts can be repaid and brought to a close. MyJar is no longer accepting applications for new loans, but we at PaydayLoansOnline offer payday loans like MyJar from £300, which can be applied for here.

2. Does your MyJar Loans alternative accept people with bad credit?

Yes, we are happy to consider anyone’s application for payday loans from us like MyJar, irrespective of their credit history. We will, however, carry out affordability assessments to ensure your loan is affordable and you can keep up with repayments. Our alternative to MyJar is still an expensive form of credit that should only be used as a last resort. Warning: Late repayment can cause money problems and result in legal action being taken against you!

3. Will a loan from a MyJar sister company be protected by the FCA?

The Financial Conduct Authority protects UK customers from misconduct and unethical practices in the finance industry. Our MyJar alternative, PaydayLoansOnline, is fully registered with the FCA, and as a new lending option, we have integrated FCA regulations into how we do things right from the beginning.