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Cash Lady Loans Alternative

Discover the benefits of PaydayLoansOnline, the hassle-free Cash Lady loans alternative
Are you running out of options to come up with fast cash for an urgent expense? You’re not alone. There are thousands like you all across the country who are resorting to loan providers. Now more than ever. But where to start? For a first time borrower, wrapping your head around loans, in general, can be confusing and time-consuming. And even those experienced with the process still want to find the best deal and the most suitable company. At PaydayLoansOnline, we put your needs first. By providing short term loans with flexible repayments, we extend a safe and vital lifeline to keep you afloat.

But what about Cash Lady? What can PaydayLoansOnline offer that their alternative can’t? Let’s find out.

Cash Lady Loans: Brokers vs Direct Lenders

The first difference between Cash Lady and ourselves is the type of service provided. We are direct lenders, which means we are the only people you deal with from start to finish. Cash Lady are brokers; they introduce customers to a third-party lender and receive a commission for successful connections. Which is better? Well, that depends on your circumstances and preferences. Here we explore the advantages of each.

Direct Lender Pros

  • Everything is kept internal. No outside parties are involved. As a result, you know exactly who you are partnering with at all times, which eases the communication process and makes it much quicker to deal with queries.
  • Decisions happen fast. Once you submit your application, you will receive an instant response, whether accepted, denied or under review. And if successful, the funds will be transferred directly from the lender.

Broker Pros

  • Multiple lenders can assess your application in one sweep. This is a time-efficient way of finding out who can approve your loan. With a direct lender, if you are rejected, you have to start the process again from scratch. (PaydayLoansOnline avoid this unnecessary hassle by working as a broker on your behalf if your application is denied. With your permission first, of course).
  • You may get a better deal. As lenders are effectively competing for your business, you may find better rates. And if not, at least you can compare loan terms and conditions from one platform.

Remember to bear in mind that even though Cash Lady charges no fees for their brokering service, they do receive a commission, meaning that cost to the lender has to be recuperated from somewhere or someone else, i.e., you.

Cash Lady Reviews: What Do the People Say?

A little research can make all the difference between acquiring a reliable, manageable loan and exacerbating your financial worries even further. Customer reviews are one of the best ways to avoid disreputable companies or simply to find the best solution for your needs. There are several places to check online. One of the most popular sites, Trustpilot, currently give Cash Lady loans a review rating of just 2.4 out of 5, compared to PaydayLoansOnline’s 4.1 out of 5.

Cash Lady Advert Banned in 2013

The company’s TV marketing campaign kicked off in 2013 with an advertisement featuring former Atomic Kitten member Kerry Katona. Having dealt with money problems in the past, Cash Lady hoped Katona would provide a relatable presence to attract potential customers. However, the advertisement quickly came under fire and was subsequently banned. Critics deemed the content irresponsible, claiming Cash Lady was effectively encouraging viewers to obtain fast cash loans to fund a high-flying lifestyle.

Cash Lady Loans for UK Residents

Cash Lady tailor their services to UK citizens. As with PaydayLoansOnline, the only criteria for application is:

  • UK residency and a UK bank account
  • Aged 18 years or above
  • A regular source of income

Once a loan is approved, PaydayLoansOnline customers can access their accounts online in the same way as through the Cash Lady loans login. Once inside, you can view your details, make changes and pay part of your loan or the total amount early. We charge absolutely no fees whatsoever for doing so. As a payday loans direct lender, we guarantee a no-nonsense, safe and responsible borrowing experience for all customers.

Common Questions About Cash Lady Loans

1. Is Cash Lady legit? And how do I know I can trust online lenders?

Cash Lady is actually the trading name of Digitonomy Ltd., which is indeed authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. This is the first step to determining a company’s credentials. However, some loan sharks may claim authorisation, so it’s a good idea to visit the FCA’s website to make sure their registration number checks out. Other indications of a scam include a vague website with unclear pricing, a lack of a padlock in the URL and an absence of contact details.

2. How much money can I borrow from PaydayLoansOnline?

Our payday loans start at £300 and rise to a maximum of £1,000, with a duration of between three and six months. The majority of our customers use this form of small sum, short term credit for emergencies. For example, an urgent repair that can’t wait until payday. We try to keep loan amounts to a minimum to ensure borrowers never take out a penny more than necessary. If you’re looking for something more long-term, we also have small personal loans and larger business loans available

3. What is the procedure for application?

If you have experienced rejection elsewhere, it may be wise to take advantage of our affordability calculator first. Our service is tailored to customers with bad credit. However, if you make a loan application and receive a refusal, this will negatively influence your score, which is what we want to avoid. Our zero impact calculator can give you an accurate assessment of your chances. If everything seems to be in order, you can enter your details online. This takes less than five minutes. Once completed, you will receive an instant response from our team. If approved, PaydayLoansOnline operates a same day funding policy, with most loan transfers made within the hour.